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"When I can't express myself with words, I turn to art"

I like to work with color palettes that convey a sense of calm and peace. The composition of my artwork is influenced by the events in my life.  When I experience something that fuels an emotion, I take it in and let it back out onto the canvas. Through the creative process, I find clarity and a place to reflect with gratitude.  You can read my reflections of each painting in my art blog.   

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7/7/20 I recently updated my online shop!   Check out the new store, where you'll find more products to choose from.  Simply click on Explore Designs, then choose your favorite painting to view available products, from home decor to laptop accessories!  Thank you for supporting independent artists, happy shopping! 

You'll also find some updates to my website! Check out the New Store page for a preview of the new products available.  And visit the Exhibits page to find out where you can see my current work on display, previous exhibits as well as links to virtual shows and publicity!   Thanks for stopping by!  

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